POM Balm

Size & Scent:

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"I know what I'm made of, so I'm giving you the peace of mind."

I have explored the many variations of balms during my pregnant days and finally came with the one that I settled for. I had tried my balms on:

❤️ my pregnant belly to avoid stretch marks. (I have little to no marks, thank God)
❤️ as a perfume base. I apply it on my pulse points and spray my perfume. It has made the scent stronger and lasting!
❤️ my aching, tensed calf, especially at night. It would hurt so bad! That's when I decided to add in some menthol as a treatment balm.
❤️ to treat my heartburn and morning sickness too!

And you know what? The lists goes on and on. I wanted something that you can use for more than 1 purpose. I'm all about functionality, flexibility and conveniency.

I also wanted to have a 𝒑𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒅 as to what ingredients are used into making the balms because I only wanted the best for myself (and now for you too).

 Get Soaped and get a balm!



Perfume balm

  1. Apply on pulse points as a perfume
  2. Base as a perfume enhancer
  3. Apply on cupped palm and breathe as an aromatherapy
  4. Baby after-shower balm

Apply on dry skin and lips

  1. Pregnant mummies on belly to improve overall skin appearance
  2. Soothe skin irritation, eczema, burns, bites, scars and rashes
  3. Mani-pedi nail cuticle treatment
  4. Nappy/private area rashes (For external use only)

Treatment balm

(Additional use for COOLING EUCALYPTUS - Contains menthol)

  1. Chest & nose for flu/cold
  2. Temple for headaches
  3. Belly for stomachaches
  4. Joints/muscles for aches & pains
  5. Itch from insect bites
  6. Private area rashes (Please use very little amount as it may be too cooling)

Stick Balm • 20g • Mess-free &  small surface area for babies/targeted area

Tin Balm • 30g • Lightweight & long-lasting formulation
Tin Balm • 100g • For heavy user & long-lasting formulation

How To?


  1. Pull the cover upwards to reveal the balm.
  2. Twist the rotary screw at the bottom of the applicator to reveal the balm.
  3. Do not extend too much at first use as the balm might break.
  4. Apply to desired areas. 
  1. Twist open the tin cover to reveal balm.

  2. Use clean hands to apply balm.

  3. Close with lid after using to avoid crystallisation or sweat. Does not affect the quality of the balm.


X Apply on/around the eye area.

X Apply FULLY on to the face as it will clog your pores. Spots are fine.

X Use as a deodorant as it will clog your pores.

X Continue should any adverse reaction occurs.



(In-house scent)

Powdery and intense, yet so calming.

I make you smell nice & clean. Smell me & you can already picture a baby in mind.


(In-house scent)

Fruity, musky

Bite into a perfectly ripened fruit, you indulge in the succulent sweetness of a summer's bounty. You can almost taste the sweetness of summer.


Only lavender blend oil used

You will sleep better when you smell me. Just breathe and relax.


Eucalyptus blend oil and menthol crystal used

Be cool just like me! I come in handy when you need me the most.


High-graded cosmetic beeswax, quality coconut and almond oil, essential/blend oil, Vitamin E. (For Cooling Eucalyptus, contains menthol crystal)

High-graded cosmetic beeswax & quality coconut oil

Only essential/blend oil. (No artificial fragrance)

Free of alcohol & harsh ingredients/chemical

Caution: For external use. Please do a patch test before use.

Estimation of usage (Last for how long)

Depending on how often you use. Let's say you use them almost everyday:

20g stick balm

30g tin balm

100g tin balm

3 weeks

1.5 months

3 months

 Shelf Life: 2 Years (upon purchase)

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