Aromatherapy Solution


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Searching for the perfect scent for your room and space? How about refreshing your floors for mopping and vacuuming? Planning a foot spa at home? Look no further! We've got you covered with our all-in-one solution for a better living experience.
"I enjoy cleaning and I can go on for hours to get my space clean and smelling good before I start and after I end my day. It makes the mood, you know? So I often share cleaning tips on my social media and I was surprised to see how many people actually enjoyed watching it and they naturally feel very encouraged to clean too! And that's what I want to bring out here as well."
Get Soaped and breathe fresh air!
WATER-BASED (Not oil-based):
Nonetheless, add water to dilute. Read instructions below.


250ml bottle - Press disc top cap

How To?

What can you do with this magic potion?

✓ Diffuser
✓ Mopping solution
✓ Vacuum tank
✓ Washing machine
✓ Room spray
✓ Foot & Bath spa


Add 1 to 2 full squirts into water of the machine. Trust me, it can be pretty strong.


Mop solution/Vacuum tank/Washing machine

Add 1-2 squirts into water tank/bucket of water (for mopping) to eliminate odour.


Make your own room spray

Add 1-2 caps of solution with water in a spray bottle and shake.


For foot/bath spa

Fill a bucket of warm water with a tablespoon of salt (pink salt works the best!) and add 2-3 caps of solution. Soak your feet for 20-30 mins.

For bathing, add 2-3 caps of solution into tub of warm water and wet entire body.

No tub? No problem. Mix 1 cap of solution with water into a sprayer bottle, shake it and spray on body while in the shower. Leave it for 15-20 secs, rinse it off or scrub body with (sea/pink) salt or lather body with any bath foam.


Everything you need in a bottle that encourages you to clean and smell good. We want you to enjoy this therapeutic experience all at once.

Because it's possible.


New Collection

New: Omnia


Aquatic, floral

Inspired by Omnia Crystalline for Women, Bvlgari. Experience the refreshing sensation of crystal-clear waters, invigorating your senses with revitalizing uplift.


New: Island Escape


Fruity, floral

Imagine sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach. A smooth blend of pineapple, watermelon, and strawberry creates a tropical sensation, evoking the vibrant hues of a sunset.

New: Bakhoor


Aromatic, woody

Imagine a warm, spicy, and floral aroma with hints of woodiness, reminiscent of burning bakhoor. Its rich smoke fills the air, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

New: Seabreeze


Musky, green

Fresh citrus and green notes, like the ocean air. Middle notes like the reminiscent of coastal blooms. And finally, it settles into a warm base, like sun-warmed sand.

New: The Yulong


Citrus, aquatic

Inspired by Thé Yulong, Giorgio Armani Privé. Inspired by the Yulong Mountains; smoky from the black tea, fresh and citrus from the green tea. It truly captures the essence of the mountain landscape.

EAU DE PARFUM - Perfume-inspired


(Best-seller scent):

Floral, musky, woody

Inspired by La Vie Est Belle, Lancome. Rich, woody, and resinous with sweet undertones of vanilla, “Oud” is a complex and captivating fragrance.


Floral, aquatic, musky

Inspired by Wild Bluebell, Jo Malone. A fresh and delicate fragrance that captures the natural essence of bluebells in a woodland setting. Super sweet!

Cherry Blossom

Floral, fruity, musky

Inspired by Sakura Cherry Blossom, Jo Malone. It feels fresh and airy, like spring blooms. Starts with sparkling citrus, then delicate blossoms, ending with a soft, woody scent.

Pear Freesia

Floral, fresh, fruity

Inspired by English Pear and Freesia, Jo Malone. Warm, rich, floral scent that lingers in the air. It's soothing and refreshing. Amber, patchouli and woody scent. Definitely a hot-seller in Soapedbysa.


SkylineSmells like Marina Bay Sands (TM)

Aquatic, floral and fresh

Capturing the energy of a bustling city, "Skyline" blends ginger, jasmine, and musk for a modern and elegant scent.

Crystal Canopy - Smells like Jewel Airport (TM)

Floral, citrusy and fresh

The air carries citrusy and fragrant floral notes, inviting you on a journey of tranquility amidst nature's essence.

Boutique - Smells like Ion Orchard Mall (TM)

Citrusy, floral and fresh

Exotic and elegant, with a hint of citrus and a delicate floral scent, it's both sophisticated and sensual.

IN-HOUSE SCENT - Our popular scents


(Best-seller scent):
Floral, soft, sweet

In a sun-drenched orchard, "Lumiere" captures the essence of ripe cherries. Soft florals and subtle woody notes add depth, evoking the tranquility of a peaceful oasis.

BOTANICAL BLEND- Breathe well, feel well


Aromatic, menthol

A minty and sharp scent. Like mint, inhaling eucalyptus opens your sinuses and clears your head. Aromatic scent of the forest and is super therapeutic! Good for use around the little ones.

Juicy Peach

Fruity, musky

Bite into a perfectly ripened fruit, you indulge in the succulent sweetness of a summer's bounty. You can almost taste the sweetness of summer.


Aromatic, citrusy

Lemongrass has a powerful citrus scent. Has a very clean, crisp aroma, with a distinct citrusy lemon feel with a touch of botanical grasses. It relaxes your tensed muscle and heals mind and soul with every breath you take.


Aromatic, floral

Lavender is most commonly used in aromatherapy. The fragrance from the oil of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It helps calm anxiety and helps put you in bed effortlessly. Breathe and sleep well.



(Seasonal Collection):
Citrus, zest, tangy

A fusion of oranges and grapefruits—super-duper zesty. Just imagine the scent; that's exactly what it smells like, to a tee.

Honeysuckle & Davana

Floral, fruity, fresh

Inspired by Honeysuckle & Davana, Jo Malone. Blooming floral notes with a sunny and warm effect and a touch of fruity aroma. It is imbued with the accents of honey.

Ingredients & Shelf Life

Aromatherapy water-based solution

No shelf-life

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