Wellness Spray


We heard you!

Introducing our first ever made water-based scented mist! No alcohol, no fragrance oil. With the use of essential/blend/aroma oils, the scent is almost at it's purest form!

"I had to do a multiple trials, make different concoctions and with variation of scents. I'm still exploring, hence the volume is at 10ml. Once I get the right response from my Soapporters and their feedbacks, I will be making them in a proper ideal perfume volume. For now, your feedbacks are very valuable."


Smell like Soapedbysa!



2 x 10ml amber glass spray bottle with content

+ 1 complimentary handsewn perfume sleeve
(Early-bird special: 2 sleeves)



Be well, Breathe well

This set comes with 1 complimentary handsewn perfume sleeve.

Eucalyptus Perfume

Helps relieve cough and cold symptoms
Relieve headaches
Eases breathing
Promote relaxation
Can act as a natural insect repellent


Lavender Perfume

Aid sleep and insomnia
Calm anxiety
Reduces mental stress
Can act as a natural insect repellent
How To?

Use as a perfume

How to make your scents last:

1. Spray it onto your pulse points. Wrists, inner elbows, behond your ear lobes and back of your knees. Spray them on these warm spots, which helps naturally diffuse the scent.

2. Store them away from direct sunlight and humidity. Keep them tucked nicely in our perfume sleeves. The reason why we made them in a dark-coloured glass with a sleeve pouch.

3. Spray on your clothes. Do a patch test before doing so as the perfume contains strong oils and emulsifier.

4. Apply it immediately after shower when your body pores are still open.

On pillowcases

1 spray goes a long way. Spray it onto your pillow case and sleep.

"Personally, this is how I sleep for years now. It makes me sleep well. I'm so happy to share my methods with you. - @shakilaazhar"

Cup your palms

Spray on palm and cup your hands. Breathe and relax.

Hair mist

Spray on hair or headgears (hijabs) to eliminate odour.

Mix them into a power potion

2 parts lavender + 1 part eucalyptus:
For a pure bliss and relaxing sensation

Ingredients & Shelf Life

Essential/Blend/Aroma Oils, distilled water, emulsifier

Refer to packaging and bottle for expiration dates.

Coming soon

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