250ml Vegan Conditioner


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When there's shampoo, there's also conditioner. Conditioner is usually the second step to hair washing. While shampoo is formulated specifically to clean off sweat, dead skin cells, and hair products, conditioner makes hair softer and easier to manage. It also protects hair shafts from damage.


Get Soaped with Vegan Shampoo



SLS FREE filled with Vitamin E!

CONTAINS LESSER Glycerine vegetable-based soap (100% Vegetarian)

Only essential/blend oil. (No artificial fragrance)

Free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients

Paraben Free!


Pulls moisture from the air, keeping hair hydrated and healthy. Soften hair strands.

Hydrolyed wheat protein

Easily absorbed into all the 3 layers of the shaft as well as the hair follicle. The reason being, larger molecules of protein are hydrolyzed into smaller fragments, restoring the lost protein and providing strength, support to your hair's internal structure.

Note: Getting soap in your eyes is painful because of the acidity of the soap. Avoid eye area, if possible. Please do a patch test as some organic ingredients may be too strong and/or stingy on some skin types.



Pear Freesia
Warm, rich, floral scent that lingers on every single breath of air. Amber, patchouli and woody scent. It's soothing and refreshing. Jo M.'s (TM) perfume-inspired scent. Quite a hot-seller in Soapedbysa.

 stands for light and feminine in French. It is exactly how it smells like. It's a softly scented perfume-like aroma and is easy to smell. More on a sweeter note.  When in doubt, choose Lumière. The liquid version does not contain pink himalayan salt.


Oak has a unique scent; woody and musky. It's a unisex scent but more towards the masculine side. It has this oud and perfume-like scent and can be strong to smell. Its a scent that will grow in you or you'll automatically love. The liquid version does not contain bamboo charcoal powder.



Amber has a strong ginger and citrusy scent but it's sweet at the same time, It reminds me of the autumn season; So warm and full of zest! It's a such an energising and refreshing scent that brings up your mood to start the day right! Super therapeutic. Maker's choice. The liquid version does not contain honey.



How To? 

 For the hair:

To be applied on the ends of the hair. Do not apply on the scalp. Leave it on for 2 mins before rinsing your hair. To be used once a while. It is best when you use it alternately on days you wash your hair.


 How long can my soap lasts?

It depends on how often you use them and what you use them for.


Hydroxyethyl Celluose
Cetearyl Alcohol (Only for processing purpose)
Behentrimonium Chloride
Olive Oil
Polyquaterium 7
Hydrolysed Wheat Protein 
Citric Acid

Shelf Life: Check packaging for expiration date

Fixing it
Testing one two three.

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