Massage Oak Soap Bar


Oak is our all-time favourite soap bar! It's a MUST-HAVE soap bar for everyone! This soap bar purifies the skin by extracting toxin and chemicals. We had this since day 1 and it's always A SOLD OUT. All skin types can now enjoy this magic potion of a soap bar.

WE WENT BIG WITH OAK! 150g of OAK, plus it's a massaging soap bar! Massage your woes away, inhale the therapeutic Oak scent in the shower and unwind. Calling out all OAK lovers, enjoy this signature soap bar like never before.


Get Soaped with Oak!


Made specially for eczema, psoriasis, acne-prone skin, oily and clogged pores with the use of bamboo charcoal powder. It helps subside itches and skin irritation, minimises pores and deep cleansing the skin. It has treated a handful of Soapporters. Can be used for all skin types.

Made with bamboo charcoal powder

SLS FREE filled with Vitamin E!

Glycerine vegetable-based soap (100% Vegetarian)

Only essential/blend oil. (No artificial fragrance)

Free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients

Paraben Free!


Bamboo charcoal powder

  • Pore minimising and cleansing

  • Remove dead skin cells (For psoriasis and eczema)
  • Fights acne and treats it at the same time

  • Firming and tighten pores

  • Detox and purifies skin

  • Deep cleanse

  • Anti-aging
  • Balance skin pH value 

  • Clear blemishes
  • Extracts dirt


Moisturises skin


Heal and soothe skin by calming irritations and breakouts

Vitamin E

Antioxidant, supports skin health and reduces UV damage

Note: Getting 
soap in your eyes is painful because of the acidity of the soap.
 Avoid eye area, if possible. Please do a patch test as some organic ingredients may be too strong and/or stingy on some skin types.



 Unisex to masculine

 Woody and musky

Oud and perfume-like 


How To?
  1. Wet the soap bar.

  2. Work up a lather with your hands for at least 10 seconds to create foam.

  3. Massage on aching body parts, lather soap bar on palms to wash your face, body and/or hair. Yes, hair too.

  4. Or apply soap bar directly on your body.

  5. Hang soap on your wrist to avoid slipping the bar. (with rope, if attached)


Hang dry the soap bar on a hook, faucet, wherever as long as it's not placed on a flat soap dish. This will help dry soap bar faster. Otherwise, placing soap bar on a soap dish may cause the soap to disintegrate faster and creates slime and gooey finish on bar. *slime does not affect quality of soap.

*Crystallisation (soap sweat) may occur on soap bar. Rinse with water. It does not affect the quality of the soap. This is due to the humidity and climate of the surrounding.

 How long can my soap bar lasts?

It depends on how often you use them and how you store them too.







8-10 washes

30-40 washes

40-50 washes

50-60 washes

60-70 washes



Glycerin, Organic Palm Oil, Essential/Blend Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium stearate, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, Soy bean protein, Sodium xylene sulphonate, Stearic acid, Purified Water, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium etidronate, Titanium dioxide, Skin-safe additives, Bamboo charcoal powder

Shelf Life: Please refer to packaging on soap bars individually.

Fixing it
Testing one two three.

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