Disinfectant Spray


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Enjoy cleaning like never before! Eliminate odours, mould, bacteria and viruses! Not only does it protect the well-being of you and your loved ones, but it gives you a therapeutic experience too.

How? With the power of aromatherapy and benzalkonium chloride!

Say goodbye to strong, smelly alcohol and say hello to the solution that helps you with cleaning, giving you positive psychological effect!

Get Soaped and get disinfected!

How To?

60ml and 250ml: Comes with spray head.

Anything and almost everything!
  • Clean your kitchen like countertops without any worries of catching fire (contains inflammable properties, not alcohol)
  • Eliminate odours
  • Spray on stinky sink and let the solution sit for 30 secs before rinsing it off with warm or hot water
  • Greasy stove and oily walls? Spray and wipe clean
 For the little ones
  • Spray on toys, prams, diaper-changing tables
  • Parents need not worry about alcohol ingestion as we use benzalkonium chloride instead
  • Sanitise those little hands on the go
  • Wipe clean counters and sink
  • Bring this along with you when using outdoor toilets and spray on toilet bowls
  • Eliminate odours after using toilet
  • Spray on pillows and bed
  • Eliminate damp and smelly wardrobe
  • Disinfectant hotel beds, tables and door knobs
  • Disinfect clothes and towels
  • Mouse and keyboards
  • Spray a few sprits on clean tissue or towel and wipe clean electronic surfaces such as laptop, handphones, calculators and more!
  • Do not spray directly on electronic devices
  • Outdoor tables and chairs
  • USE IT AS A HAND SANITISER TOO (For a more moisturising finish, try our moisturising hand sanitiser instead)

*New* Angel

(New scent in Soapedbysa):
Sweet, aromatic, strong

It has an extremely potent aroma-material that smells like vanilla caramel, cotton candy, mouth-watering berries and oriental spices. The vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli scent is mixed with a number of fruit fragrances, such as peach and melon. Smell fabulous and smell like an angel.


(Valentine's Day Special)

Floral, sweet, strong

Rose has a floral and tea aroma and a musky scent. Smelling roses is a magical experience, instilling both an essence of calm and a feeling of raised spirits.


(Best-seller scent):
Floral, soft, sweet

Lumière stands for light and feminine in French. It is exactly how it smells like. It's a softly scented perfume-like aroma and is easy to smell; more on a sweeter note.  When in doubt, choose Lumière.

Pear Freesia

(Jo Malone inspired):
Floral, fresh, fruity

Warm, rich, floral scent that lingers in the air. It's soothing and refreshing. Amber, patchouli and woody scent. Definitely a hot-seller in Soapedbysa.


(Jo Malone inspired):
Floral, aquatic, musky

Sweet, floral and very STRONG (scent intensity). It is an addictive scent; one that you can't stop smelling. On a personal note, whenever I make my product with this scent, I'm in love all over again.

Sage & Sea Salt

(Jo Malone inspired):
Earthy, citrusy, woody

Think about taking a walk outside, up in the hills, overlooking the sea, that fresh salty air. A very fresh and neutral scent. It smells cool and clean.


(Best-seller scent in Soapedbysa):
Woody, musky, earthy

Oak has an oud and perfume-like scent and can be strong to smell. You either love it or you will grow to love it. Did I not mention that Oak is the best-seller scent?


(Returning scent due to demand):
Floral, citrusy and musky

This is the smell of orchid. A similar scent to the one you smell at Ion Shopping mall. It has a relaxing and cheerful aroma. Back due to popular demand.


(Returning scent due to demand):
Musky, oak, citrusy

This scent has a masculine aroma. It speaks courage and strength. This euphoric scent is very perfumish and is mostly loved by our male Soapporters.


(New scent in Soapedbysa):
Citrusy, bitter-sweet, fruity

Refreshing and a relaxing scent. It encourages cheerful emotino ideal for depression.

Baby Powder (Allergen-free)


(New range and scent in Soapedbysa):
Clean, talcum, vanilla

Our first ever product made with allergen-free oil! It is made suitable for babies and super-sensitive skin Soapporters. It smells almost like Johnson's Baby talcum powder. Quite intense but calming at the same time.


Benzalkonium chloride, distilled water, essential/blend oil, aroma water-based.

Shelf Life

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