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Beauty bath is a cleansing soap made specially for your make-up tools such as brushes and sponges! Stop using concentrated alcohol content soaps or such cleaning agent because you are drying the hell out of the bristles which makes it harsh on your skin due to it's dryness and stiffness!

Our Beauty bath helps condition your bristles like no other. And it cleanses off very well too.

"I remembered testing out and trying out so many samples to find that perfect concoction for months! I gave out to many make-up artists in Singapore to try them and to get feedbacks to better the product. Months of trials to a point where it is what it is now. I know you will love this because it's been worked to perfection and I swear by it too."

- @shakilaazhar

 Get Soaped and get clean brushed and sponges!

Remove stains, cleans fast and condition bristles after every wash. No more strong alcohol-cleaning-agent scent on your tools. Everything you want to apply, you gotta make sure its worth the land on that beautiful face of yours. If it's not clean and doesn't smell as good, don't even.

Glycerine vegetable-based soap (100% Vegetarian)

Only essential/blend oil. (No artificial fragrance)

Free of animal fats and synthetic ingredients

Gentle and quick cleaning steps

Condition bristles and sponges

Smells amazing when applying make up

Compactible and light-weight for travelling

Note: This is only for your make-up tools. Do not use it as a soap bar as it may contain high concentration of coconut oil which may be uncomfortable to rinse away on skin.

How To?
  1. Make strokes on BB to create lather (Use the back of your brush)

  2. Wet your applicator with water

  3. Brush on BB in a circular motion

  4. Wash applicator under running water

  5. Pat dry your applicator


  1. Rinse BB under running water until soap is clean

  2. Pat dry BB with clean towel

  3. Close with lid after using to avoid *crystallisation. Does not affect the quality of the soaps



Mini 30ml • Best for trials

Big 100ml • I want it big!




Lumière stands for light and feminine in French. It is exactly how it smells like. It's a softly scented perfume-like aroma and is easy to smell. More on a sweeter note.  When in doubt, choose Lumière.


Pear Freesia

Warm, rich, floral scent that lingers on every single stroke of your freshly cleaned brush. Amber, patchouli and woody scent. It's soothing and refreshing. Jo M.'s (TM) perfume-inspired scent. Quite a hot-seller in Soapedbysa.


Aurora (NEW)
It's not floral, neither is it musky nor fruity. It has such a unique and enchanted scent, almost so magical and sensual. Aurora has a very strong perfume-like scent. Mystical and deep, yet pleasant. We brought this new scent in and it's sold out within a day. Our Soapporters came back for more and said that this one here kicks up the notch!



Ginger & citrusy. Not too sweet, in fact it has a very refreshing and energizing scent. Very therapeutic. Our Soapmaker's favourite.


Glycerin,Organic Palm Oil,Essential Oil,Sodium Hydroxide,Sodium stearate, Sorbitol,Sorbitan oleate,Coconut oil,Soy bean protein,Sodium xylene sulphonate,Stearic acid, Purified Water,Tetrasodium EDTA,Tetrasodium etidronate,Titanium dioxide, Skin-safe additives

Estimation of washes



20 washes

50-60 washes



Shelf Life: Jan 2022

Fixing it
Testing one two three.

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