Aromatheraphy Solution | Water-based

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Looking for that perfect scent for your room & space? What about your floors for mopping and vacuuming? Did you say foot spa at home?
Look no further! We have it all covered for you!

"I enjoy cleaning and I can go on for hours to get my space clean and smelling good before I start and after I end my day. It makes the mood, you know? So I often share cleaning tips on my social media and I was surprised to see many people actually enjoyed watching it and they naturally feels very encouraged to clean too! And they will start cleaning! And that's what I want to bring out here as well."


Get Soaped and breathe fresh air!



250ml bottle - Press disc top cap

How To?

What can you do with this magic potion?

✓ Diffuser
✓ Mopping solution
✓ Vacuum tank
✓ Washing machine
✓ Room spray
✓ Foot & Bath spa


Add 1 to 2 full squirts into water of the machine. Trust me, it can be pretty strong.


Mop solution/Vacuum tank/Washing machine

Add 1-2 squirts into water tank/bucket of water (for mopping) to eliminate odour.


Make your own room spray

Add 1-2 caps of solution with water in a spray bottle and shake.


For foot/bath spa

Fill a bucket of warm water with a tablespoon of salt (pink salt works the best!) and add 2-3 caps of solution. Soak your feet for 20-30 mins.

For bathing, add 2-3 caps of solution into tub of warm water and wet entire body.

No tub? No problem. Mix 1 cap of solution with water into a sprayer bottle, shake it and spray on body while in the shower. Leave it for 15-20 secs, rinse it off or scrub body with (sea/pink) salt or lather body with any bath foam.


Everything you need in a bottle that encourages you to clean and smell good. We want you to enjoy this therapeutic experience all at once.

Because it's possible.



Sage & Sea Salt

(Jo Malone inspired):
Earthy, citrusy, woody

Think about taking a walk outside, up in the hills, overlooking the sea, that fresh salty air. A very fresh and neutral scent. It smells cool and clean.


(House-special concoction)
Citrusy, musky, sweet note

Amber has a strong ginger and citrusy scent but is sweet at the same time. It reminds me of the autumn season; So warm and full of zest! It's such an energising and refreshing scent that brings up your mood to start the day right! Super therapeutic and spa-like feels~


(Seasonal collection)
Oud, floral, musky

Very strong, Arabic-oud scent and can be pretty intense. The fruity scent comes from the kiwi and blackcurrant, floral from violet, jasmine and peony and finally one that makes it very perfume-like is from the patchouli and amber. This is a comeback scent due to high demand.


(Nature collection)
Aromatic, fruity, sweet

A zesty, refreshing mix of apricot and peach with teases of pear, plum and jasmine. Fresh and fruity! Very tropical and sweet.

Ingredients & Shelf Life

Aromatherapy water-based solution

No shelf-life

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