Hi, guys! I'm Shakila Azhar and I'm the founder of Soapedbysa.

How it all started

It was a hobby turned into a home-based business. Soapedbysa was founded in August 2018 from Instagram. I have this big obsession about skincare and I learnt about the importance of the things you put on your skin. I have spent so much $$,$$$ on facial spas and seek dermatologists' consultation for my sensitive skin. One day, a friend suggested that I should go for some facial/spa class or soap-making class; basically anything related to skincare and wellness and boy, did I take that too seriously. It took me a week or so to sign up for a soap-making class and I was only taught to make cold-processed soap (CP). My first soap bar was Charcoal Powder CP soap and I gifted it to my younger brother who has full-body psoriasis and he loved it. (My biggest inspiration) The process was so therapeutic and fun BUT the curing takes too long! 3-6 weeks?! On top of that, the ingredients were not convenient to have at home to practice without proper licensing of handling lye and that's why I taught myself how to make Melt And Pour soaps (MP) instead. I've watched so many online tutorials especially from Youtube.

Hand-made, Hands-on

Since I was very little, my parents discovered that I am a visual-learner. I understood things when it's being drawn or with colours. You can say that I am a right-brained person. I grew exceptionally very good when it comes to Arts & Craft and Design & Technology (D&T) back in my school days. I also graduated with a Diploma in Interactive Design. Basically, anything creative, that's my field. So, when I started soap-making, it was exciting and fun as I was/am able to expand my creativity one way or another.
From the soaps, to packaging, logo, website, photography..
I'm always learning and exploring my creativity.

From Instagram to website

I was very active in social media, especially on my personal Instagram @shakilaazhar. I'd make soaps for my family and I and share the process and outcome on my IG stories and posts.
It was nearing Teacher's Day and one of my friend suggested that I do soaps for gifting. I did not see it as a business; I mentioned that I do not know how to price them. But I gave it a go anyway. 1 order became 3, became 5 orders and that month alone, I made and sold almost about 200 pieces of soap bars in total. And that's when I saw the potential of it being a business and so it became one, grew and is growing healthily today.


My brand is about being able to share with the world my thirst for creativity and skincare obsession. It's a learning process everyday, understanding what my Soapporter wants, their demands, suggestions and feedbacks. Being able to cater to all skin types especially sensitive ones, being able to create bundles for events such as weddings and birthdays. All the things I love to do, I can do it through my service and capabilities. With that, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who have/had supported me throughout these years. I am truthfully blessed to be here and spreading positivity through my brand.

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